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About Us

SDS² Energy Systems was formed to address the hardships of traditional and rural living areas.  An Equal Opportunity employer, it attempts to bring both Social and Economic upliftment in these areas, where social and economic development is desperately needed.

The company is the brainchild of our Technical Director R&D/Owner, Mr. Shaun Jackson. A multi-disciplined engineer who swims against the tide of convention. Through his experiences and research over the years, he conceives of, designs, develops, and brings to market, low-cost, high-impact Alternative and Sustainable Energy solutions.

It goes without saying that our products are both Country and Continent-Independent.

Although all new staff are semi and skilled, they are brought up to speed with our specific product range during their probation period. Various industrial skill sets including MAW, MIG and TIG Welding, Grinding, Sanding, Polishing, Spray Painting and cutting of metals as regards the manufacture of our products are learnt. Due to our unique manufacturing methods and machinery, which have been custom and in-house designed and manufactured, these both assist them in the sections where they fit best, allowing continuous honing of newly learnt skills.

Our products essentially provide solutions to those areas where there is no access to any of the National Grid supplies, and will not be for the next foreseeable future.

Our Systems, whilst having other applications, are used in the main to provide totally Portable Solutions for rural areas, squatter camps, informal settlements, and areas of low cost housing due to the Nomadic existence lived by these markets.

The concept of Sustainable, Alternative, and  Energy is not a new concept in the world today, due to National Grid Suppliers the world over depleting our natural resources at an alarming rate in their continual quest to meet the ever increasing demand for energy.

As such, the onus has therefore fallen to the man in the street, and Small Business Industries, to supply the answer in the search for a Sustainable, Alternative and Renewable Energy Source for the overburdened growing Global demand.

SDS² Energy Systems, as has been mentioned before, been able to develop a range of systems that lend themselves to the very nature of that, that is so dearly sought after including communities with most all of their basic Energy Requirements for Water, Cooking, Borehole Water retrieval and the like.