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Gas Bottle Cages

Gas Bottle Cages

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Gas Cages FAQ’s

What size Gas Cages do you make?

  • We manufacture the full range of standard size single and double cages with small differences.
  • These include the 9Kg bottles, 19Kg bottles, and 48Kg Bottles.

How safe are they?

  • The cages are as safe as they can be really, bearing in mind that they are there to protect the cages against theft of the tanks. All our units are built in accordance with our Department of Fire, Health and Safety. Barring the 9Kg cages, they all have a dual lock facility on the entry gates, four (4) rear wall lugs, and two (2) base floor lugs, as well as the bottom cross bar at the gate entrance for rigidity and extra security.

What material do you make them from?

  • All units are made from normal Carbon-Steel covered with 50×50 diamond mesh, unless otherwise specified by the client. The units are gun sprayed with an etching primer, and then sprayed with the top coat of matt black.

Shaun Jackson