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Gas Cookers

Gas Cookers







Gas Ranges / Gas Cookers / Gas Runners Gas Hobs – whatever you call them, we manufacture them to suit your requirements.

Gas Cookers FAQ’s

  • How big are these cookers?
    • The standard size that we supply, and this is only because of order, but we manufacture from 6, 10, 15, and 20 runners per unit
  • What is so different about your systems that make them better than the others?
    • There are a number of thing that we deem to be superior to the other systems available. The most important of these is in the understanding of how these systems are supposed to work. Being in the Environmentally friendly Camp, we strive to burn less gas than more gas, but with better results, which is quite the opposite to the gas suppliers, otherwise they’d run at a loss.
    • Our systems utilise roughly half the amount of the gas than that of normal gas cookers.
    • Our systems don’t use the flame to cook the food; the flame heats the diffuser which in turn cooks the food on the grill.
    • Our fat-trap tray is slightly concave with a runoff hole in the middle, allowing for the fat to run into a catchment container. No fuss, no mess.
    • The splatter sides are slightly longer and more curved, allowing for the fat and splatter to run into one central point and drip into the fat-trap tray, allowing for alot easier cleaning.
  • Are your systems customisable?
    • That all depends on how creative one wants to get, but in short, yes they are. We are able to provide a Mongolian plate on one side,(four runners) and then normal grills on the remaining six runners. Or we can supply a Chinese Wok holed grill and normal grills for the rest. Any variance from the normal would be for the client’s costing.

Shaun Jackson