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“RhinoWasher” Manual Washing Machine

“RhinoWasher” Manual Washing Machine


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“RhinoWasher” Manual Washing Machine now shipping!

Latest washing machine specs are as follows:

  • The RhinoWasher is a Portable, Manual Washer machine.
  • Frames are “Acid Dipped”, Water Processed and then drained and dried completely.
  • Frames are “Brushed Coated” with “Cold Galvanizing” and then “Polished” to a High Sheen Finish, (The Cold Galvanizing etches into the metal defending against Rust to fit the Robustness of the name.)
  • Frames have had their stress points re-assessed, tested and strengthened, allowing for better stability.
  • Frames have been made slightly more compact as well which assists in storage.
  • The systems sport new higher grade rubber compound seals for the lids, making it easier to tighten and loosen them when done.
  • A spare seal is shipped with the unit free of charge.
  • The systems have new handles made from Bakelite, opposed to plastic, making for a better, much smoother rotation and ease of use.
  • The systems have been 100% centralized on both axis, both Horizontally and Vertically, allowing a normal wash of +/- 15Kg’s to run easily and smoothly.
  • All systems are now serialized for tracking and guarantee/warranty purposes.

Our approach uses Less Water, Cleans both Faster and Better, causing a lot less damage to clothing and materials than does Hand Washing. Two of the main benefits of the “Rhino Washer” are;  it is 100% Eco-Friendly, as well as lessens the effects of Environmental damage. This all without the use of any form of electrical energy source.

FAQ “The Rhino Washer” Machine

  • How does it work? It just looks like a drum on a stand?
    Well essentially you’re right. However, it’s a specialized HDPE drum that has been totally centered, and balanced, so as to run as evenly and smoothly with as little wear and tear as possible. It works on exactly the same principle as any normal automatic washing machine, except for the fact that it doesn’t use electricity at all, yet it cleans just as well, if not better. As you turn the handle, the contents of the unit will “Tumble” from one end of the drum to the other, creating internal pressure build up. As you continue to rotate the drum, both water and soap are literally “forced” through the fabric of the clothing by the pressure that has been built up within the drum, or items being washed. This all allows for a much deeper, cleaner, more gentle wash than any form of “Hand Wash or Scrubbing”.
  • Does this mean that the quicker I rotate the drum, the quicker I’ll finish my washing?
    Quite the opposite really, the faster you rotate the drum, the more intense the Centrifugal Forces that are built up. This results in all the contents of the drum collecting at one end of the unit, thus becoming an extremely unbalanced, unstable system. This could lead to you injuring yourself by mistake. As per the instruction pamphlet, your operating speed that we have tested and advise, is roughly one, to one and a half (1-1.5) revolutions per second.
  • How long does a full wash and rinse take?
    A full wash, including two (2) rinses, and adding your softener, should take in the region of fifteen (15) to twenty (20) minutes. (On average)
  • How heavy is a load?
    A load can be anywhere from one (1) Kg up to a max of 15Kg, (This is a Wet , and Not a Dry weight), it is quite dependent on the person doing the washing.
  • What soap powder can we use in the system?
    We suggest that you use a Biodegradable, Environmentally and Eco Friendly auto washing machine powder, (if possible). If not, then any Automatic Washing power can be used.
  • Does it come in any other colours?
    • No, it only comes in Blue.
  • Does it come in any other sizes besides 25L?
    • Yes it does, it comes in a 10L which wed have named the “RhinoCub Washer” machine.


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