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Portable Solar Geyser

Portable Solar Geyser


90% of people in the world do not have access to hot water to bathe and wash in. This innovative, simple geyser is easy to transport, install and operate. More importantly it will not break easily, unlike many of the cheaper solar geysers currently being sold in the market.

FAQ Portable Solar Geyser

  • What makes your geyser so different from the rest?
    • The main difference is that our geysers are portable, and can be relocated anywhere at any time. All the other solar geysers are deemed to become a fixture to the abode where they are installed. When the time comes for you to relocate, theirs stays where it is, Ours goes with you.
  • What do you mean by portable?
    •  The system was designed to virtually “clip” apart it becomes easier to pack, fold and transport to its new location. (The Collector clips off from the Reservoir tank, the feeder pipe clips off the collector allowing the collector to be rolled up and the tank to be transported together. The stand legs are detachable and are kept under the stand, which is transported alongside)
  • How does one setup the system?
    • A lot of research went into the design of the system to make it as user friendly as possible. This means that, once it has been assembled correctly, all one has to do is make sure that the system faces the correct position for your geographical region, and that it is standing at the same angle as what the frame has been built at. And Presto your system will work as it was intended to. We have preset all the angles for you so that you don’t have to worry about changing the angles for Winter and/or Summer. In the Southern Hemisphere it is generally NNW facing and SSW for the Northern Hemisphere.
  • Why do you only sell up to a 100L? What happens if we want a bigger system?
    • Our philosophy is slightly different in our thought here. We very much believe in the modular setup for the market. Again this comes from our research. If one were to purchase a 200L geyser and just by chance it became faulty. The repairman would either have to take it away for repairs, or replace it with new one. This could take a day or two taking stock into consideration. Now on the same size of unit capacity, we would install two (2) 100L units with slightly larger collectors. If for any reason anything were to happen to one, we could repair/replace the other without too much fuss or interruption to your hot water supply.
  • Why are your systems square opposed to round like the rest
    • That quite easy really, being square allow for a lot easier transportation, especially in the rural and township areas.
  • What about the Vacuum and Pressure Valves, a lot of the systems don’t come with them.
    • These days, the laws in many countries will not allow any geysers to be installed that don’t have these valves, low or high pressure. We saw this and designed the systems thus that they are both installed, but in such a way that one cannot use them as handles as is so common.
  • Are your systems only meant for the Rural, Township, and RDP type dwellings?
    • Definitely not, there are quite a lot of systems that are been used as pre-heater for standard geysers. This assists in Energy Saving for the household as the thermostat wont kick in as regularly as what it would if it had to heat the water independently of our system.
  • What about my Thatched roof house, can I install one of your units?
    • You can yes. The stand of the system is slightly modified by the installer so as to leave a “wind gap” which allows for a draught to continuously flow under the system, thereby avoiding any and all forms of “Thatch Rot”.

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Shaun Jackson